Counselling areas


How many of us enter an intimate relationship with the skills and wisdom needed to make a relationship work?


We don't come together as two individuals, we drag everyone with us - Dad, Mum siblings, all the old scripts, the unresolved hurts ...


And then we're faced with problems which have root causes we don't understand.


How do we then untangle the misunderstandings and on-going conflicts in our relationship?


How do we deal with our emotional reactivity, or how do we open up when it feels safer to shut down?


How do we relate from an authentic self, rather than a coping self?





Depression is a sensitive area, and my approach might be different from what you're used to.


But, if you think your depression is the result of adversity, then my approach might help you.


If you believe your depression is due to an overload of negative events, emotional wounds and trauma, then why not give me a call.


Freedom and release begin as we dig deeply and discover causes, shedding layer by layer.


This is a liberating approach if you truly want to be rid of this type of depression.

Personal issues

How are you feeling right now?  Are you afraid to share your feelings?  Do you even know what you're feeling?  


If you could really trust someone, would you be able to say you feel overwhelmed by life?  Or trapped by the past; unable to believe in yourself?  Kicked in the guts?  Personally stunted and unable to grow?  Or you wonder why you can't keep a relationship?


The type of counselling I offer is in-depth work.  It's about facing the things we try and ignore, uncovering the layers that mask our emotional wounds.  It's about understanding the defences we've unconsciously created to cope with life.  It's about being honest.  And it's about self-learning in order to grow and change.


I can help you:

  • understand the effects of your personal past and how the past influences you now

  • recognise how early family-of-origin relationships still drive your behaviour in the present

  • confront the shadow areas and fears in your life

  • identify your unhealthy behaviours as distinct from who you are intrinsically

  • acknowledge your defences and the wounds they're masking